The Cyclist Bag - Black & Orange

It is invented! The perfect bag for cyclists. Bags and bicycles often don't go well together. If you want to roll your bike by your hand, then preferably your bag too. You probably want to bike, preferably with your bag on your back. Your helmet takes up a lot of space, so you can hang it on your handlebars or loose from your bag.

36 thought it was time for a solution. The perfect "Cyclist's Bag". A flexible compartment for your helmet outside the bag, a separate compartment for shoes. Several compartments for clothes and other useful things like papers or even an iPad.

Roll, carry or as a backpack. And the shoulder straps and wheels can also be neatly stored.

€ 89,00
In cart

- Different polyester fabrics, sturdy and wear-resistant
- Sturdy robust zippers
- Orange lining
- Main compartment can be opened completely
- Practical layout

Designed for cyclists, but also suitable for other sports ;-)